Spectrum Consulting & Computer Aid

Are you considering buying a computer and want to know whether you should or what you should get? Want advice before you buy?
Or are you confused by your computer?
Do you need help getting started with your computer?
Has it got you tearing your hair out?
Would you like to learn how to use your computer to be more productive?

Want to add a DVD player or maybe a scanner? Or do you want to get connected to the Internet and need help.
Maybe you think you've gotten infected by a virus and can't get rid of it.
Do you need help with a program?
Or has your operating system or hard drive crashed and you need help getting it running again.
Or are you interested in voice recognition for dictation or computer control?

Do you have a small business and want to advertise or sell on the Web?

For these or any other computer problems or help
in the Upper Valley area of Vermont and New Hampshire

Call Frank Merewether
(802) 333-9466

I've been working with computers for 40 yrs, built a couple of my own, repaired them, programmed them, upgraded them, taught how to use and program them, modified them for custom equipment, designed Web sites for advertisement and informational purposes and for online sales.
I'll be straight with you - if I can't do it, I'll tell you up front. If I have to learn you only pay for the solution.

With two degrees in Psychology and years practicing Buddhism, I can provide more than the basic mechanics of computer use, I've smoothed off most of my techie arrogance and can adapt to your needs.

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