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PackageMonthlySetupYou get
Economy $20/mo. $60 2 Meg space, 2 pages designed, free email forwarding, internal and external links, free submission to search engines, 5 Meg/day traffic
$10/mo. $30 1 Meg. space, 1 simple page designed (8 1/2"x11"), 3 links to external Web sites, free email forwarding, free submission to search engines, 5 Meg/day traffic

For either package, your site will be submitted to over 15 search engines, and other promotional means will be taken to get people to visit your site, free of charge.

File Space Allotment

As a guide to what 1 Meg space is, consider the following: the average web page on this site is approximately 5160 bytes. The average picture (the little icons & colored lines) is approximately 2905 bytes. One Meg is 1,048,576 bytes. That is, all the files on this site comprise less than 0.2 Meg! Scanned images (e.g. pictures of you or your products) can take a fair amount depending on resolution (how much detail).

Traffic Allotment

As a guide to what 5 Meg/day means, consider the following: the average page on this site is 5160 bytes. If a person visits an average of three pages on this site, it would take 378 people visiting the site to reach 5 Meg in a day. In addition, it is the average over the month that is counted rather than each day. While this may seem low compared to newspaper advertisement, remember that these visits are from people who specifically searched for your goods or services, so this is a fair amount of traffic, if it turns out your site is more popular, additional traffic allotments can be purchased.

Additions to Basic Package

Additional Pages will be designed at a rate of $40/hour.

Additional allotments of both disk space and traffic are available.

More package options will be available soon, including virtual domains, larger data space, frames, database programming, multiple email addresses, etc., etc.

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Your page(s) will be hosted on a web service provider that provides a high speed, reliable connection to the Internet, so your pages will be readily and speedily available to the rest of the Net.

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